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Hi! I’m Jill Whelan and I love travel!


 Are you dreaming of that amazing once in a lifetime Disney vacation with the grandparents, siblings, cousins and grandchildren but don’t where to start when coordinating a trip for 20 people? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to cruise but don’t know if it’s for you or how you even choose a cabin you’ll love.
That’s why I’m here.
I have done the research. I really have been there, done that. I want to make you insanely happy by finding the perfect trip that checks off all the boxes on your bucket list. It’s so easy to get distracted by “shiny objects” online and think you’re getting one thing but the reality is another. My heart is for you to have the best possible experience so that you are prepared, informed and relaxed. I want you to love travel as much as I do!

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