One of the most annoying, frustrating and stressful part of travel is the dreaded TSA security screening. Lines can be insanely long during peak travel times. Nobody enjoys being yelled at to empty your pockets, rummage through your bag for toiletries or to dig out that carefully packed laptop so you can throw it all in a plastic bin. Once you get through security, you get to do the “walk of shame” where you carry your shoes, belt and all the things you had to empty into bins and then (as quickly as possible) put them all back where they belong. What a way to start a trip right?

It doesn’t need to be that way! Do you fly at least once a year? Then let me encourage you to get TSAPreCheck. I have had it for many years and I can’t imagine travelling without it. Precheck saves you from not only waiting in long lines to get through security but the insanity trying to follow the directions of agents, rushing you through the security process. Boy do I hate that! If you fly even once a year, would it be worth $17 (round trip) to totally skip this exercise in stress?

For me, it’s a big fat YES! Since I tend to travel multiple times a year, it is definitely worth the investment. Did you know that 98% of travelers with PreCheck waited 5 minutes or less in line? I can attest that I almost NEVER wait. It’s like having a fastpass for TSA. It’s wonderful especially since it’s not uncommon for the regular security line to have hundreds of people in line.

Going through security is also a breeze. Computers and electronics along with your allotted baggie of liquids can stay IN your carryon (imagine that). You don’t have to strip down to your skivvies either: shoes and belts can stay on as well as light jackets. I can’t tell you how much I loathe running around the airport in my socks or even (gasp) bare feet. What are we? Barbarians? I just waltz through, fully dressed and claim my nicely packed carryon from the belt.

Once you get approved for TSA PreCheck, it’s good for 5 years. Make sure you apply for it on the government website: . You can apply online or in person (you will still have to be fingerprinted and have an in person interview no matter which way you apply). It’s really pretty simple. Once you have been approved, it’s easy to just pay your fee and renew when your 5 years are up.

How would you like to get TSA PreCheck for FREE? I love free. There are many credit cards that offer TSA PreCheck as a benefit. Some allow you to use card rewards to pay for it. Some even offer you to get PreCheck And Global Entry for free (if you plan on any travel outside of the US this is great). You can find a list of cards with PreCheck perks here . You’ll notice that these tend to be travel related cards sponsored by airlines or hotel chains. These are also a great way to rack up airline points to get that flight free too. Start planning now for that next big adventure so that you can breeze through TSA like a rock star!